"I nearly asked people to make me their throwback Tuesday. :-\"
— luke hemmings, everyone.

I like when louis says summat.



I would say that I don’t know how but I’m the one pressing the buttons so apparently I am in “control” as it were.  not sure why I’d stop though.  I can’t stop.  I won’t stop.

But they’re so gooooood.

you can’t compare the two.  I’m offended.

look here, louis… don’t be bringing your fairy cakes into this.

Ur crazy I’m getting an ice cream bar

ice cream station and a chocolate fountain to be added, but the pizza and salad buffet comes with the location.  we must take advantage. 


It’s like buttered bread with sprinkles on it omg 

and the children of aus love it.  

really starbucks? 

Who will eat salad no I vote ice cream bar

if I eat at a buffet I always get a salad so I don’t feel bad about my 12 slices of pizza.  I ate a damn salad.  I am being healthy.